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Homer's Pet Peeve
I guess, if we didn't have an endless stream of guests at Faded Glory, I would do my best to enforce a "no Hoover zone." Pity . . .
Homer's Multipart Novella
Sometimes there's more going on than you can put in a single passage. Here's something from Faded Glory history you won't soon forget.
Dogs Really Do Understand Languages
In this article,  Homer attempts to dissolve the myth that dogs "don't understand their owners."
Giving Up The Ghost
Ray's animal mounts were a rather motley collection at best.  The raccoon, preserved in the act of eating a box turtle, looked rather sleepy
First Homer Article
Homer's Ramblings
Gone But Not Forgotten
In this article, Homer tells us about his best friend, Ray Whitlow.
Snowstorm at a Country Inn
On this Monday morning nothing north of Macon was going anywhere. Predictably, our guests were delighted
The Doctor is IN!
Homer's two-cents on Dr. Stubbs
Mark Your Territory!
Tires...I have personally anointed thousands, but I can tell you that the habit is certainly not borne of passive aggression
Louella's Lighter-Than-Air Biscuits
Louella Hightower Hess is one of the best friends a dog could have. She doesn’t practice the five second rule.
Breakfast - Faded Glory Style!
In this article:  in Homer's mind, Faded Glory Farm is "all about the food."
Who's Your Daddy?
What makes males of the human species remain committed for life?
Like Taking Candy From a Baby
In this article we see a little of Homer's more larcenous side!
We really do love you
We don't carry the terrible germs that your kids and grandkids encounter during a day at school.
Hark! I Hear a Bark!
We have probably just four basic modes of barking; we bark as an offensive gesture, a warning or an alert...
Our Noses Know!
Have you ever wondered why your dog will eagerly chew on, and abscond with, your shoes and socks but ignore the other clothing that you leave on the floor?
Sister Mary Katherine Sullivan
Sister Mary Katherine's face went ashen as she stared in disbelief at a man of the cloth that she thought she knew and trusted.
Foreword to Homer: Christmas
The first year the Whitlow family had KFC Chicken for Christmas
Dogs Really Are Evolved Creatures
Did you know that modern-day scientists have discovered that we dogs (with few exceptions) have the exact same DNA as untamed wolves?
Weight Watchers Wins!
Isabel Whitlow reexamines her personal assets and decides to "head off old age at the pass", could this be the start of a new and vibrant lifestyle for Isabel? 
Christmas In Paradise
...the night is completely still, and every star in the heavens seems to be twinkling in the black sky overhead.
Do You See What I See?
Living at Faded Glory, Homer sees it all. Homer has no doubt about the fact that the most dangerous animals on earth walk on two legs.
Meet Micah Davenport
One of Homer's best friends
Going, Going, Gone!
I once heard it said that in this life we don't really own anything; we just lease it for a little while. Ray's favorite truck most certainly brought him pleasure while he was alive...
What Is It really Like To Be A Dog?
Homer discusses the complex expectations involved when folks decide to share their lives with his four-legged bretheren.
Why Dogs Chase Cats
Homer discusses the evolvement of "cat chasing" from a deadly game to an exhilarating indoor and outdoor sport enjoyed by dogs (and some cats) worldwide.
The Biker Gang
The roar of the first motorcycle had evidently masked the sound of others behind it. The lone rider was just dismounting when a second motorcycle appeared at the top of the rise..
I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat
Homer decides to indulge in a beloved old canine pastime, and he is somewhat surprised
The Magic That is Home
Homer has grown to cherish his home at Faded Glory...But can it be preserved as we move toward the 21st century?
The Fat Lady Sings
Spook often annoys Homer with his insensitive approach to Faded Glory's guests. Homer never hesitates to criticize his feathered nemesis for his numerous shortcomings.
Going For The Tweed
"Why do dogs hump your leg, sometimes even after they have been spayed or neutered?"
Oh! To Be In The Alps!
Homer meets "Otto" who, on top of being relatively miserable in the heat, has surprises for the kids.
Life Without Louella (Part I)
Homer wakes up to an empty kitchen with Louella Hess missing from the Inn. Sheriff Kenny stops in with some news...
Life Without Louella Part II
Louella must confront and deal with her innermost fears during her hospitalization and recovery.  Isabel and Micah discover a side of Louella that they have never seen before.
Life Without Louella Part III
There are many underlying factors that go into making a person virtually impossible to replace. Louella Hess is not just an employee, she has become 'family.'
Hank Beavers
Homer usually lives by the credo that "if you can't say something nice about somebody, it is best to say nothing at all."
Just the Facts, Ma'am
There are often a few lawmen present at Faded Glory Farm, but not usually in their official capacities.
The Yawn
Homer has always been fascinated by the non-verbal aspects of human behaviour. At the Inn, he sees it all. The act of yawning is shared by almost all vertibrates, but the social implications vary widely from species to species.
Van Zandt's General Store
Homer is a responsible guy, and he is not generally known as a wanderer. Like Isabel, we have all had one of our pets mysteriously disappear for an hour or two, but to Homer, "this is just what dogs do." Thank goodness Homer has friends like Ranger Matthew Tipton.

How Are You Perceived by Your Cat?
Sometimes you humans give us dogs more credit for sensitivity and intelligence than we deserve. After all, we are just dogs who happen to be lucky enough to share your home and your world, and we have become skilled at blending in. Most of us don't have a devious bone in our body; but cats?
Service Dogs quickly became apparent to me that a guide dog's life is filled with love, respect, and tons of positive praise and rewards.
Showdown at the Piggly Wiggly
Micah once postulated on this quirk being "The Tara Syndrome" where Scarlett O'Hara reputedly said "I"ll never be hungry again!"
Not Just Another Day in Paradise
Except for the billowing cloud of dust that mushroomed high above the debris, all was quiet for just a moment....
Isabel's Special Ed
Isabel has become strong, resilient, ready to reach out again, and take charge of her life.
Isabel's Special Ed II:
No doubt about it. Isabel is becoming 'amourous.' Is this just a fling, or has Isabel decided that she has been mourning long enough and is ready to move along with her life? Homer is watching it all, in wonderment
Of Mice and Women:
Homer prides himself in his understanding of his human brethren. In this issue, a tiny, unassumng critter raises questions as to what makes some of his human friends 'tick.
The Value of Exercise
The Fergusons' Border Collie visits the Inn and shows Homer the value of exercise.
Spook's Gift of Gab
Okay, so spook isn't all THAT bad. Sometimes when I gaze over at Spook going about his antics, I realize that Spook and I are alike in many ways.
Roll Over, Play Dead!
Homer tends to be independent and stubborn. He definitely doesn't like to do tricks or entertain; he likes to eat. As he has gotten older, he has become more of a curmudgeon.
What Ever Happened to Civility?
Homer isn't the type to be 'preachy,' but sometimes he just gets 'fed up' with his human counterparts and their apparent disregard for each other.
The Shed
Faded Glory is indeed a gracious painted lady from a bygone era; and she still harbors some of the secrets of years gone by.
Part II Dawson's Gold
Homer looks on with awe as Faded Glory Farm yields another of her nearly century-old secrets. The Farm and its owners have been witness to two major wars and The Great Depression, but this new facet of Faded Glory's history was completely unexpected.
I am Micah Davenport
We asked Micah Davenport to write a few words about himself and Homer. With the exception of Isabel, Micah knows Homer better than anyone else at the Inn.
Hank Beavers
Hank Beavers is a new face around Faded Glory Inn, but he has become involved in several of Homer's recent adventures. We asked him to write a few words about himself and his 'take' on Homer
The Great American Calorie Harvest
Did you realize that nearly 61% of the 185 million turkeys raised and eaten in the United States are eaten over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays? That's about 113 million turkeys, folks!
"I Want It, NOW!"
Homer ponders our seeming obsession with instant gratification. He, of course, is a proponent of instant gratification in his world, but he seems to take a jaundiced view of the practice in Isabel's. A doggy double standard? Go figure!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Homer leaves his cynical view of the holiday season behind and relates his true feelings about Thanksgiving and what it means to Isabel and the staff here at Faded Glory. Homer does have a serious side, but we rarely get to see it.
My Name is Calvin Payne
The Rev. Calvin Payne has been part of Homer's human family almost since the beginning, but I am sure that Homer has no idea how barren his relationship with Rev. Payne really is.
The Child Within Us
Homer has been with Isabel during several of her most stressful years, and this year, despite her apparent revival, he and Micah begin to wonder where her "inner child" has gone.
Twas the Day Before Christmas
Life is, indeed, uncertain; and we don't know from minute to minute where it will lead us. Being positive and ready to "seize the day" seem to be Isabel's keys to survival in life's great crapshoot.
A White Christmas For All (Part III)
Isabel discovers that sometimes simple pleasures create the happiest memories of all. Some of life's greatest gifts don't come in fancy wrappings.
Isabel Whitlow
New Year's Day is fast approaching. Isabel Whitlow has had a very busy and interesting year. Her life changed radically during 1985, and this year she is hoping for some peace and quiet.
What's the Catch?
Homer continually wonders about the games that humans play at all levels with friends and loved ones
Louella Hess
When asked to say a few words about her favorite dog hero, Homer, she gave your author an earful.
Cinders, a Black Lab puppy, has recently been foisted upon our canine hero, and old Homer isn't absolutely sure how to handle the situation. Sound familiar?
On Rottweillers
When folks name their 150 pound Rotweiler, "Killer," you know he didn't earn his name chewing on a rawhide bone.
Stuart's Gap I
The wind relentlessly buffeted the Cessna 172 as it's lone pilot fought to maintain his airspeed. The ice buildup on the leading edges of the aging Cessna's wings had been slow and insidious.
Stuart's Gap II
Even though they knew what they were looking for, both men seemed appalled at the sight that greeted them when they finally reached the plane. Matthew's first comment was "Nobody could have survived a crash like this."
Kitchen Inspection
...she greeted Stella Sondheim, our Fannin County Health Inspector, who vists the Inn every 60 days to perform her usual kitchen inspection.
Sweet Dreams
People from all walks of life come to Faded Glory Farm to relax. Unfortunately, Clifford Abernathy from Atlanta, was not expecting such a "relaxing" visit. Sometimes our dreams can intrude on our reality. He will be missed.
Mousie Militia
"Deja vu, all over again," I say . . . The scream was long, loud, and piercing. It's hard for me to believe that a little lady like Louella is capable of making a noise like that.
The Things That We Believe
The other day when little Gabriele Tuttle was crossing her eyes at the breakfast table, I heard her mother say, "Now, Gabriele, if you keep making faces like that, your face is likely to stay that way!
Once upon a Brownie
A dog with a penchant for stealing food, Homer learns an important lesson about the sovreignty of the guest rooms at FadedGlory Farm.
Rest In Peace I
Sometimes, strange things happen that defy explanation. In Homer's short life span, he has witnessed more of life's oddities than most living people. Homer rarely gets "spooked," but on this occasion he is in for some surprises.
The Silver Spur
The red-on-silver two-tone Rolls Silver Spur literally sparkled in the sunlight as it sat in the parking area behind Faded Glory....
Rest in Peace II
Homer chases a large black cat that disappears before his very eyes. Isabel's car is sitting in the shed with four flat tires...
Rest in Peace III
There is a connection between the strange happenings at Faded Glory Farm, and Ed's bank up in Hiawassee
The Optimists
Generally, we tend to remember the optimists. Optimists are the rather positive folks who don't suck all of the air out of a room; instead, they generally leave us energized in their wake.
Flynt Timber - US Ranger
Homer looks forward to a new and budding relationship with Ranger Flynt Timber who has been summoned all the way from Iowa
All About YOU!!!
The author wonders how many people realize that my stories are not about dogs; they are really about you.
The Fisherman
If you spend much time with a fisherman, you can, over the years, listen to the rollicking tales about that monstrous "hawg" of a bass that escaped the net, and you literally detect his length, girth and weight increase slightly with each telling.
From the Womb to The Tomb.
...humans are born with intelligence and a multitude of choices. I thought this until young Homer Barclay came to visit at the Inn.
Living on The Frontier
Living at or visiting the Inn is sort of like living on the frontier, although we are seldom reminded of it. However, we do take precautions
Just Friends
If I told you that I knew Isabel Whitlow's love affair with Ed Hightower would fail, I would be lying. I was as surprised as anyone when Isabel and Ed made it clear that there would be no wedding bells in their future.
Freedom Comes With a Price
Today is truly a great day for Americans. On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies of the United States declared their independence from British rule by signing the Declaration of Independence; pretty bold move, I'd say.
Vacation -- The Great Escape
Question: Do people who are truly happy in their occupations consider vacations to be synonymous with freedom and happiness? Most people who appear up here on vacation seem to be grateful to get away from the "grind,"
...much of what you do seems to be structured around possible consequences. I guess, in our case, "ignorance is bliss." Road-kill is a stunning example of animals' disregard for immediate consequences
Sundays at the Faded Glory
Sunday is, in and of itself, a carefully orchestrated venture for Isabel and Micah. In addition to their considerable responsibilities at Faded Glory, they are dedicated church goers
I'll Be Doggone
...I heard Lisa Tipton say that she would see her old friend (and beloved pet) later in Heaven. Dogs in Heaven? Well, here goes...
We All Have Our Flaws
Since I know that I'm nearly perfect, why should Isabel and Micah be any different? The other day, thoroughly challenged with this revelation
In this ever-changing world, our traditions tend to anchor us to our chosen Lifestyles. Homer discovers here that things change, people come and go, but basic traditions live on.
Living in the Bubble
Homer realizes that his simple, and somewhat decadent life in the peaceful mounains of Appalachia will not last forever.
The Green Ghost
On Saturdays and Sundays in the Spring and Fall, it is not unusual to see a small parade of law enforcement and EMT vehicles speeding to a rescue.
A Voice From The Past One
In this issue, a figure out of Louella's past arrives to make at least one dream come true. Homer looks on in wonderment.
A Voice From The Past Two
A few of our readers expressed some interest in learning more about Louella's incredible reunion with her daughter, Jennifer Ruth. Everyone enjoys a 'feel good' story, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint.
Beggars All, Aren't We?
We all survive at the whim of others; not just us dogs, but you folks, too! Although the expression "no man is an island" was coined specifically for my human counterparts...
Homer's Point of View does not document Homer's departure from this earth. Here are the closing thoughts to the website journal of this remarkable dog. Thank you for reading.

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