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October 24, 2012


Next time you travel down Route 60 South outside of Morganton, GA, if you look real quick, you might just catch a glance at Faded Glory Farm on the right side of the road as you go around one of the curves at the bottom of a hill. Or, maybe you won't . . . Like Brigadoon, this reality comes and goes, only to be seen by the very few who believe in the magic that seems to exist here.
Here at a mystical Appalachian Inn called Faded Glory, the smell of Louella's fresh-baked creations always hovers near, people from all walks of life kick back and relax before your very eyes, and an awesome, fictional dog named Homer again yawns and stretches on his shaded porch and regales you with tales of a kinder and gentler time in rural America.

And, as of October 31, the magical camera will pull back, leaving us to the clatter and clamor of today's reality, and we will leave our dauntless characters to continue their incredible journey, without us, in the peaceful mountains of Appalachia.

Our fictional Homer, aged 12 years, will never die. He will always be there to greet you, should you choose to return. The kitchen at Faded Glory will forever clank and clatter in the early hours of morning as our relentless Louella prepares to launch her "lighter-than-air biscuits" on a never ending parade of the Inn's appreciative guests.

Great destinations like this still exist in today's America, but we just have to search harder to find them. Acts of selflessness, caring and love, characteristic of generations past, will pop up where we least expect to find them. All we have to do is recognize them when we see them.

Homer and the staff at Faded Glory will be leaving you at the end of this month, and they wish you all a long and happy life as we resume our respective journeys. Remember, we are all traveling this road together!


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