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Isabel's Famous "Low Cost Joe"

When Isabel first opened Faded Glory Farm, she served fantastic and very expensive exotic blended coffees from coffee roasters all around the world. Guests sometimes noticed the coffee served at the Inn, but Isabel discovered that, most of the time, enthusiastic responses were made because folks saw the pricey coffee containers standing open by the big coffee brewer in the front vestibule, and it was snob appeal and brand-recognition eliciting most of the praise.

During her 42 years of marriage to Ray Whitlow, Isabel had always relied on humble Eight O' Clock Coffee which seemed to suit them just fine. Almost two years ago, Isabel came home from her favorite grocery store with four pounds of different Eight O'Clock coffee flavors, none of which cost over $4 per pound.

Isabel mixed these coffees in a big stainless mixing bowl in the following proportions, and she has had "rave coffee reviews" at the Inn ever since.

Isabel's Specially Blended "Joe

  • 1 pound Eight O'Clock Dark Italian
  • 1 pound Eight O'Clock Columbian
  • 6 ounces Eight O'Clock Hazelnut
  • 8 ounces Eight O'Clock French Roast

Other brands will probably do just as well, but they aren't likely to be as inexpensive as Eight O'Clock. Thoroughly blend these coffees together with a slotted spoon or whisk and repackage to store in your freezer. Save the unused portions of Hazelnut and French Roast coffees in your freezer for future use.

Isabel and Louella really don't know why these flavors blend together so well, but the guests (including Sheriff Payne and Ranger Matthew Tipton) have been pestering us for this recipe for the last two years. Enjoy!

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