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Hidden In Plain Sight
(Chapter Two)

"Last time we talked, I told you how a routine search for a lost key in the kitchen of the Inn led to the discovery of a safety deposit box and a compelling paper trail that brought Isabel, Micah and Hank face-to-face with some new and riveting aspects of Ray Whitlow's other life. Join me now as Isabel, Micah and Hank are drawn into a new adventure that even Ray Whitlow could never have predicted. What bizarre secrets did Ray's life serve to conceal, and why?" Homer

The Revelation

Isabel and Micah have driven to Hiawassee, GA., one hour from Faded Glory, to visit the bank where, unbeknownst to Isabel, Ray maintained a safety deposit box prior to his death. After providing adequate identification, Isabel and Micah are presented with Safety Deposit box #106, and Isabel begins to examine its contents. . .

Finally, an official looking beige postal envelope marked "Citizens Bank of Towns County materialized from amid the clutter. Isabel reached into the box and picked it up. Inside of the envelope, Isabel found a paid-off deed to a piece of property registered in the name of Raymond P. Whitlow. |next|