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III. Moment of Truth

"Isabel, through an unexpected quirk of fate, has taken a step back into an unfamiliar world once inhabited by her deceased husband Ray Whitlow.

Isabel is about to learn the story of the Stoddard side of Ray's family, as well as the life they lived; except now, there is nobody left alive to tell it. Do the buildings that comprise the Stoddard Farm, themselves, hold this story? Join me now as Isabel is drawn even deeper into a drama that still happens to be unfolding." Homer

Previously . . . If Micah had been able to drive legally, Isabel would gladly have asked him to drive her back to Fannin County; but as exhausted as she was, Isabel cut their visit to the property short and guided the Taurus back onto the road toward the peace and sancitity of Faded Glory Farm.

It was March, and almost a month had passed since Micah's discovery of Ray's safety deposit box key. Isabel and the Whitlow family's lawyer, Gerald Panter, had spent most of the time answering questions, filling out forms and jumping through the many 'hoops' presented by the banks and the various county offices who became involved in the process.


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