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With spring just around the corner, the guest load at Faded Glory was quite heavy for the last week in March. On Tuesday morning, Isabel again put Louella in charge of the Inn as Micah, Hank and Isabel planned to head out to the Stoddard Farm. Right up until the last minute, I thought that I was going to be left behind. Just as Isabel's car was packed and nearly ready to go, Micah whistled me up, and I happily leapt onto my usual blanket in the back seat of Isabel's car. During our previous visit, I had enjoyed the freedom of exploring the overgrown fields and pastures at the Stoddard Farm and was eager to resume my own personal inspection of the property.

Arriving at the Farm, Isabel and her team resumed their work in the house finding and packing items from a bygone era -- ranging from antique paintings, books and kerosene lamps, to vintage windup shelf clocks and antique crystal. The Stoddards had never thrown anything away; it was all still here, most of it dating all the way back to 1905 and even before. As the work in the main house neared its end, Isabel could hear Micah and Hank speculating excitedly as to the contents of the barn. "Typical men, just like children; they grow older, but they never grow up!" Isabel muttered under her breath.

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