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Hidden In Plain Sight Chapter V

Previously . . ."Micah continued to stand at the passenger side window, staring at the withered skeletal remains of the truck's driver, still dressed in his denim bib-overalls; a man who had met his death at least thirty years ago with his lunchbox still beside him on the seat!"

Scenes You Just Can't 'Unsee'

In a small town, strange scenarios like this one playing out at the Stoddard Farm bring out the law enforcement community like swarms of flies. In addition to the Towns County Coroner's personal station wagon and a squad car from the Towns County Sheriff's Office, there were two cruisers from the Georgia State Patrol, two cars from the Hiawassee Police Department, two curious plainclothesmen in an unmarked car from Union County, and the list goes on. A crime scene investigation unit on-loan from Gilmer County and an officer from the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) had also arrived (upon request) to assist Towns County authorities. Isabel, Micah, and Hank were instantly reduced to the roles of "onlookers."

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