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Ms. Ware refused to volunteer any additional information on the telephone, but she suggested that Isabel bring in the key with a personal picture I.D. and a copy of Ray's will and death certificate if she wanted more information. It was a short call, and although the bank was cordial and polite, Isabel was puzzled when she finally put down the phone.

A now very confused Isabel reasoned that since she had never kept any secrets from Ray, why would Ray have found it necessary to hide a safety deposit box and bank account from her? What could Ray have possibly been hiding in a Towns County bank? Did Ray, indeed, have a secret life and perhaps a second family? Was he concealing a drug habit? Was he a gambler, a thief, or even worse?

Hours went by, and as she thought more about it, Isabel actually began wondering if she had ever really known the real Ray Whitlow.

With more than just a little trepidation, Isabel dug through her files and retrieved Ray's will along with a copy of his death certificate. She somehow felt guilty about leaning on Micah, but, nevertheless, she asked him if he would be willing to go up to Hiawassee with her to open Ray's safety deposit box. Micah, who was now more than just a little curious, was up to the task, and Isabel immediately arranged a meeting with BOH (Bank of Hiawassee) for the next day.That night, Isabel didn't get much sleep, and on the following morning when she drove to Micah's home to pick him up, she was somewhat pale and withdrawn. |next|