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Hidden in Plain Sight

Chapter Four

Isabel, Micah and Hank have spent enough time in the Stoddard house to realize that they have entered a home in which the calendar stopped moving forward several decades earlier. With the exception of the two downstairs rooms subsequently used by Ollie Stoddard before his death, the rest of the old homeplace resembles a time capsule - right out of the early 1900s. Join me now as Isabel and her Faded Glory team delve deeper into the secrets still being revealed at the Stoddard Farm. Homer

Previously . . . Even though all of the contents of the house weren't packed up as yet, Isabel was also mindful of the fact that both Micah and Hank were extremely eager to get into the barn and outbuildings. "What on earth do they expect to find in an old dairy barn," she thought. "We need to finish the job at the house before we start rooting around a dirty old barn!"


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