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Hidden In Plain Sight

Predictably, Hank Beavers had again misplaced the key to Ray's old Ford tractor, and Micah and he were searching the Inn high and low for an extra key. During the hunt, Micah managed to find Ray's old pickup truck key ring on one of the hooks in the kitchen foyer. He not only found the spare tractor key, but he also came across a key that he'd never really noticed before. It was an oddly shaped key, somewhat smaller than a typical door key, nickel plated, and had BOH 106 stamped on the shoulder.
When Micah showed the key to Isabel, she had to admit that she had seen it many times but had never questioned its presence on Ray's keyfob.

When Isabel showed it to Louella and Hank, neither of them had any idea what it fit or what its marking "B.O.H." stood for. It wasn't until Isabel showed it to Sheriff Kenny Payne that it was finally identified as a safety deposit box key. Kenny also speculated that the "B.O.H" stands for "Bank of Hiawassee." "What on earth would Ray be doing with a safety deposit box key from a bank way over in Hiawassee?" Isabel asked Kenny.
This 'mystery' didn't start to escalate until Isabel picked up the phone that Monday morning and made a call to the central branch of the Bank of Hiawassee.
She was directed to speak with a Linda Ware, the Head Teller who confirmed that not only did Ray have a current safety deposit box, but in addition, an inactive checking account.  |next|